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ARTIS selling Group
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Le prestataire dispose d'un abonnement Basic Plus. Les membres Basic Plus sont généralement plus actifs et réalisent plus de projets sur twago que les membres Basic.

Köln, Allemagne
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Ventes et marketing
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ARTIS selling Group ist Ihr Ansprechpartner für Marketing und Business solutions. Mit acht Standorten in sieben Ländern der Welt greifen wir auf ein großes Team von Experten in unseren Büros und auf ein großes Netzwerk an internationalen Partnern zurück. Jung,
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WOW Marketing

WOW Marketing

In 2019 at Elon Musk, throwing a stone on the Tesla´s shatterproof window to prove that the window would hold up. But then life on stage the stone destroy the window. Musk commented cool, this was planned differently… You believe that ? The best engineers at Tesla make such a mistake? No! This is a great example of WOW marketing, the video of the performance went viral all over the world.

Webdesign & Webseite

Webdesign & Webseite

From the simple information page to the online shop with a link to the logistics and payment system. All types of websites can be implemented and adapted to your wishes, requirements and budget. We guarantee efficient pricing and reliable web hosting. The strategic conception and implementation of the website are the main focus, because your website is your stage.

Design & Creative Work

Design & Creative Work

Print marketing Analogue advertising Logo & brand Printed campagnes Digital media Digital marketing Digital advertising Digital campagnes


Ventes et marketing

total average: 9,8/10


Stratégie marketing10/10

Relations publiques10/10


Social Media Marketing10/10

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Design & Media

total average: 9,7/10

Image de marque10/10

Design graphique9/10


Services aux entreprises

total average: 10/10

Conseil en affaires10/10

Business Strategy10/10

Gestion de projet10/10