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Paris, France
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Services aux entreprises
Design & Media


I am a strong admirer of aesthetically perfect websites with innovative ergonomics. I have graduated with a bachelor's degree specializing in developing websites, therefore I master HTML and CSS languages and has a good algorithmic knowledge allowing me to ada
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Diapers & Milk

Diapers & Milk

Diapers and milk is an eCommerce website using the Shopify platform. My job was to code a new design for product pages, the cart page, the mobile menu, the newsletter pop-in and the mini cart. I have also optimized the display speed and website's referencing system using mainly Google Rich Snippets tool.

Espace foot

Espace foot

Espace Foot is an eCommerce website developed with the PrestaShop application. After making a storyboard (simulation), I have coded the designs that was created thanks to the storyboard and installed modules that meet customer demands. I have also added functionality allowing users to add flocking to their jersey. Lastly I have trained the client to help him to control the new sales tool.

Envie de voyages

Envie de voyages

Envie de voyages is a showcase website using the Wordpress software. After making a storyboard (simulation), I have coded the designs that was created from the storyboard. I have used the Advenced Custom Field Module (ACF) to make content creating easier and faster for the client.



total average: 6.0625/10

AJAX 5.0/10

CSS 10.0/10

Flash 2.0/10

HTML 10.0/10

HTML5 10.0/10

Java 2.0/10

Javascript 7.0/10

JQuery 7.0/10

MySQL 7.0/10

PHP 7.0/10

Prestashop 4.0/10

Ruby 2.0/10

Ruby on Rails 2.0/10

SQL 8.0/10

Web Mobile 8.0/10

WordPress 6.0/10

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total average: 6.666666666666667/10

English 7.0/10

French 10.0/10

Spanish 3.0/10

Services aux entreprises

total average: 4.5/10

Email Handling 3.0/10

Project Management 6.0/10

Design & Media

total average: 4.0/10

Webdesign 4.0/10

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