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Petit budget <800

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08/05/20 02:04

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Description du projet :


i have a very small budget, please use one of the codes below to just add this function to a fully functional code already made.

then when first step made and functional many improvements will happen with more budget.

this is the first step just to test this so i can’t afford much.

20-50 euro max


i would like to create a device that is between a usb keyboard and a pc/Mac

The device will be made with arduino micro or another usb capable device.

on the device there is a female USB port for the usb keyboard to plug in to the device (USB CABLE NUMBER ONE),

The arduino is plugged in to the pc by with a usb cable (USB CABLE NUMBER TWO).

The device has one rotary encoder assigned to 16 choices, one on/off button and two buttons minus and plus.

The device is a little sequencer that sends strings of number or letters to the pc following a precise rythm.


As soon as the device is switched on it starts to play a sequence of 16 steps that are empty at first, it plays the sequence and lat the end of it, loops it over and over.

The tempo is 120 Beats Per Minute and the minus and plus buttons can modify that speed.

any number or letter can be assigned to one or all of the steps, 

When you place the knob to the far left on step number 1 any key pressed on the usb keyboard is assigned to this number 1 step position, and the same for step number 2, etc… to number 16.

So if you turn it on and position knob far left and press the letter « a » from the usb keyboard the information will go through the NUMBER TWO usb cable

It will be received by the device and then,

the device will send this to the computer by the usb cable NUMBER TWO:

A…. …. …. ….

( at a tempo of 120 bpm beats per minute by default)

If you position the knob one step to the right of the far left ( 2nd step position)

and press the number 6 on the usb keyboard the device will send this to the computer by the usb cable:

A6.. …. …. ….

If you assign the letter w to all the steps you get this

Wwww wwww wwww wwww

So I you open a text editor and play this sequence to the pc you will see these letters appearing like if someone was typing it. (But in perfect rythm)

Step sequencer example