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06/11/16 03:30

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Description du projet :

between users to buy and sell photos and videos, or other services. Paychat is a Whatup style chat / instagram, with ability to send payments between users to buy videos and photos immediately or otherwise. User requests a digit and it is sent to another user who can accept to pay it. If the payment transaction is instant exchanging the figure on two accounts. The user who buys can be loaded with cryptocurrency (bitcoin) or by traditional currencies.   As indicated the project is a wazzup style chat. Registration can be done via your Facebook account, which allows you to have all of your friends list.   It allows you to send payments through chat (functionality similar to that of paypal).   The user enters in a gallery photos and videos you want to sell to other users, they are displayed in a reduced size in low resolution, indicating the price. Once the person he bought it is displayed in high definition.   When a person placed a new photo to sell, the message is sent to his contacts on Chat   The chat should work with both traditional currencies, loadable via credit or bank transfers to the account, or cryptocurrency (bitcoin) cards by connecting then creating a bitcoin wallet connected to the chat.   The app is structured to allow you to sell and pay for your photo or video. Payments which are then sent as a result credit to make purchases and not as a financial deposit. Thus not entering in the regulation of financial and banking internediari.   systems: OS Android   Functionality: Registration via FB Whatsapp style chat Gallery with photos and videos for sale in Instagram style Dashbord where to display the new pictures offered for sale by friends Ability to search other users for features Ability to upload their own balance with cryptocurrency or traditional currencies.