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Description du projet :

I'm preparing a successful and innovative international event in e-commerce and logistics in Luxembourg, Europe, this September 7th and 8th, [OBSCURED]


[OBSCURED] will involve senior executives from largest retailers in Europe and even beyond with decision makers coming from Los Angeles to Beijing. We've achieved to onboard 200 retailers so far and need to hit the 300 bar in the next couple of weeks. We already have a dozen of contractors, in France, identifying/contacting them and we mostly use emailings (that we need to improve - mailing experience here is a plus).


I need 2 managers to work FULL TIME during 1 month with me to manage this group of contractors: recruit, follow and engage them, train them with best practices/procedures, give them objectives and make me a daily data-driven reporting (with lots of figures and few text) on how the mission is progressing.


You need to be super knowledgeable with Excel, have the Excel software (not Excel online), be comfortable with figures and statistics, know how to manage people and take the best out of them.


I'm a creative entrepreneur, obsessed by quality execution, shooting many ideas at once with no time to implement them, with a vision and strong leadership. For our collaboration to work, you'll need to be detail-oriented (no quick & dirty work), love multi-tasking, and be OK to implement my vision.


Timing is tight and the diversity of actions to be done is high, so you have to be OK to work closely with me (up to 1 hour/day on the phone).


The entire team is in France for the moment, so you'll need to work remotely around GMT time zone.


Rewarding pay