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I have an online store with Prestashop. MaeSue.com. It was already live for 2 months.

When I login in the backoffice and click on payments of shipping the whole site goes offline.

I have had help of Siteground and another webdevelloper but they havent found the solution.

WHat has happened the last week:

- a code has been installed for a affiliate program ( according to the develloper this doesnt create the problem)

- I have downloaden a module for Google shopping. It is deleted and all the other modules I've put them on disabled

- The site has been upgraded by Siteground

Siteground says this:

Hello Linda and thank you for the update,

The issue was caused by one of the modules installed - after I renamed the modules folder in public_html, those sections are working properly:


I would recommend you to disable all modules from the back-end and then start activating them one by one and each time check if the issue shows up.

If it does, it means the last plugin/module activated has caused it. Thus you will know what module to disable

Hi Todor,

Thank you for your help.

I have unabled all the modules that I have installed. And i flushed the memcache + cleared the cache in prestashop. After that the website went offline. I cannot reach it anymore.

It gives: HTTP ERROR 500

Can you help me?



Thank you for the update Linda,

I have found out that the issue was caused by the modules in the /override folder under public_html.

This folder can be used to include code as part of modules which is overwriting the behavior of the original modules installed in ~/public_html/modules.

I renamed the folder ~/public_html/override/modules to modulesOLD/ and this resolved the issue.

I would recommend you to either restore the website from a backup if you cannot find the problematic module or to request help from a professional PrestaShop developer so they can review your website structure (as it is not an issue related to the serer itself and we only offer hosting services).

Should you need our further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us back at anytime.

Best Regards

Todor Savov

Technical Support Team

After restoring the website from the backup it still doesnt work.

So, do you think you can help me with this problem? Are you available today, tomorrow or monday? I live in Montpellier, so we can meet to make things go quicker.