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Description du projet :

[obscured] is a new Online Travel Agent focusing on the East African (primarily Tanzania and Kenya) business and leisure tourism market.

One of the key services offered is the abilty to search, find, compare and book regional flights on 15 partner airlines in the region - a unique service.


The site is fully search optimised and now needs the content for all the FLIGHT ROUTES generated. Attached the list of routes needing to be covered.

The covering of the routes is primarily a SEARCH OPTIMISATION issue, and writing will need to be original, creative and at the same time adhere to a pre-defined structure.

The objective of each route: to assist the website to rank for the route, to be booked on a partner airline on Tripindigo, and to provide interesting and entertaining info for the reader.

There will be a total of about 30 routes to cover, some more importnat than others and will include legs from major centers to and from all tourism and business destinations in Tanzania and Kenya, and cross-border hops to significant cities in the neighbouring countries ie: Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan.

The complete list of routes will be supplied once the correct proposal with references and supporting motivation has been received. 

Length of each content piece: minor routes 100 - 150 words and for the more popular routes up to 250 words max.

The successful applicant will understand tourism and online travel and will display an understanding of search requirements and writing. Keyword / phrases will be provided.

Thank you.

We are looking for suitable candidates to select the most appropriate. Indications of experience to-date in the travel industry as well as indications of expected fees.